Fischer Blonde


Delicious nectar and a nice bottle to boot.

Although the French are known more for their fine wines, they’re no slouches when it comes to beer either. If Kronenbourg isn’t enough to convince the skeptics, then Fischer Blonde should put an end to the argument against French brew-ology. Clear and golden in colour with a large but light head that dissipates quickly, Fischer is nicely carbonated and crisp in the mouth. The mild flavour is very well-balanced for a 6% brew – slightly hoppy with hints of herbs and citrus. Clean and refreshing, this delicious lager would drink well with pretty much anything you barbeque, or as a perfect thirst-quencher on a hot summer day. Now that summer is almost here, I’ll be making some room in my fridge for this gem. And I’ll need to make a lot of room – did I mention it comes in a nice big 650 ml bottle?

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