Correnti Cigars

For those that have lived in Toronto for some time you may or may not be familiar with Mr. Correnti and his fantastic line up of smokables. Do yourself a favour and pass up the $50 Havana’s in the regular smoke shops and convenience stores and take a walk to the local tobacconist at 606 King St West for some home rolled Cuban cigars. You wont find labels (unless you ask for it) or fancy display cases but what you will find is a family proud and owned business with an art for rolling some of the best cigars in town – right in the building. The dark and under illuminated space sports a wall of famous supporters leading to a simple business office and the rolling and stock room. Depending on when you go, rollers will be plowing away with the finest leaf, working their craft.

For the most part, I stick to their popular robusto ($10.65 CAD) for a mild, slightly spicy smoke. Product is always fresh and stocked in proper storage in the back. Keep in mind that since most cigars are rolled on a daily basis, it’s worth your while (but ultimately up to you) to let them sit out in the air for a day or so to dry. At this point, feel free to smoke away or transport to your humidor. From time to time, I’ll switch to their maduro Dominican blend. The dark, earthy looking wrap is the result of the curing process the leaf goes through before it is used to roll and is a fantastic smoke. If a sugary sweet taste with a bold kick is what you’re looking for, these are the cigars for you.

Don’t know what you want? don’t be afraid to ask. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly – even to the noobs. Their website is simple but informative. Pages range from family history to cigar nomenclature and provide directions and contact information.

Correnti Cigars

606 King Street W Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1M6


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