Mill Street Organic Lager

I don’t go out of my way to buy anything ‘organic’ but because I’m a fan of other Mill Street Brewery beers, I thought it would only be fair to give their new organic brew a try. In an attempt to fall in line and appeal to the organic movement, this German Pilsner is claimed to be pesticide and herbicide free. Is it? who knows, and in all honesty, who cares. We’re talking beer here. If it tastes good and you like it, drink it.

Right off the bat and uncapped, the presentation is clean and fresh to the eye. The bottle is a¬†reminiscent¬†of Carona because of its transparency but I suppose this is a strategic move by the brewery to emphasize the ‘organic’ and clean feel to their marketing. Bottles come in the standard 341ml at the beer and liquor store but can also be purchased in a 222ml lady size at the Brewery itself. The lager can be found on tap as well at many pubs, restaurants and the Mill Street brewhouse.

Aroma is par for the course with a fresh and crisp taste. This isn’t a heavy lager by any standards and can easily be consumed continuously throughout the night without having to change your drinking lineup mid-festivities due to overpowering aromas or aftertaste. Highly recommended for hot summer gatherings and pairs nicely with anything BBQ.

Mill Street Brew Pub and Store

55 Mill Street, Building 63

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 3C4


F:416.681. 0339

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