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Sriracha Sauce (Huy Fong Foods)

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Cock sauce in a bottle.

I call it Rooster Sauce. Others call it Cock Sauce. Call it whatever the hell you want.

While most hot sauces are saturated with a strong vinegar taste and manufactured for heat and heat only, Huy Fong Foods has developed a sauce that doesn’t take away from the flavour of the food you’re adding it to. Don’t get me wrong, the heat is apparent but it doesn’t overpower the palate like many hot sauces do. Ingredients are typical – chilli, sugar, garlic, and jalapeño, but are all balanced just right.

In terms of heat units, Saracha is ranked from 1,000 to 2,500 on the Scoville Scale and hovers on the bottom end of the chart, but don’t be fooled for a minute, enough of it will bring out the forehead sweats for any entry to medium level connoisseur.

From eggs to tuna and from pasta to burgers; this red hot, chilli pepper packed paste is worth every cent and can be easily applied most any edible for a little extra kick.

Prices range around the $3 to 4$ mark but if you’re lucky, you can find random sales or 2 for 1 specials. Move over ketchup, there’s a new ass-kicker in town.

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